If the Futures hold up this morning we might have seen the bottom yesterday. From the looks of the European stock markets the US stock market is poised to rally today. We could move up 1 to 3%. So far this morning the futures for the Dow are up a few hundred points. Yesterday was a good time to buy, IMO. Europe is up 2 to 3% already this morning. Should be a very good day for stocks.

Looking out over the next election cycle there are plenty of very good people running for President that have REAL world experience running companies and if elected know how to create jobs. This nation needs someone who knows how to get the economy growing at a robust pace again. We need a person that understands and loves the free market system called Capitalism and is not afraid to change DC. The current path of this nation is not sustainable with too much debt and not enough growth to pay off our debts. Printing money only works for so long. It is my hope that Americans will wake up to the financial realities before it is too late. I believe that they will.

Investing involves risk before investing consult with your financial advisor.

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