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Retiring or Changes Jobs Soon?

Making the decision to retire can be an emotional roller coaster and very time consuming. We have handled literally millions of dollars in pension rollovers for our clients. We can help you determine how much money you will need per month. Are you better off taking your Social Security income at age 62, 66 or later? We will evaluate all of your options to put your mind at ease and determine when you can afford to retire. Let us help you through the maze of paperwork and coordinate your rollover with your Human Resource department and the Social Security Administration. We will save you time and money.

Many of our clients are able to retire well before the normal retirement age and enjoy current income without paying any of the penalties associated with taking money out of their retirement plan before age 59½. Call us today and talk with one of our Certified Financial Planner professionals, together we can put your income on automatic pilot so you can enjoy your retirement years.

What does it mean to Retire Rich?

It can mean different things to many people. You are truly rich when you have no debt and more than sufficient assets that will generate income to last your lifetime.

For a comfortable stress free retirement it is critical that your retirement nest egg is safe, secure and will provide income for your entire lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money will you need to retire?
The answer to that question will vary depending upon your spending habits. As a general rule of thumb most people will need about 50% to 100% of their career income.
How can you guarantee your income for your lifetime?
There are only a few type of accounts designed to provide guaranteed income for life. The most common approach is to utilize annuities that will guarantee lifetime income for both husband and wife.
Are stocks, bonds and mutual funds right for you?
Depending upon your risk tolerance and time horizon, stocks, bonds and mutual funds might be appropriate. The question that you need to ask yourself is “can you afford to lose any of your money?” If the answer is no then don’t put your money into at risk accounts that can fluctuate such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. If you don’t mind volatility and can handle market fluctuations then perhaps some of your money in those accounts is appropriate. As you age you should scale back risky investments and instead use more safe secure accounts such as banks accounts and annuities.
Why don't most mutual funds beat the S&P 500?
Most traditional mutual funds don’t beat the S&P 500 because of the high fees that they charge and poor management.
How do you rollover your 401k or pension account?
Moving or transferring your money from your 401k, or pension account can take some time. Some companies are very prompt and efficient and can move your money with a simple phone call while others take weeks and require lots of paperwork. Whatever it takes we can help you through the process. If you do this right you won’t owe any taxes upon transferring the money. If you do it wrong you could end up paying a lot of taxes. Call us today for a free consultation. 1-888-763-3088.


If we didn’t answer your questions, feel free to call us.

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