The Singles Ward DVD Signed Collector Edition


The Singles Ward

DVD Comedy (LDS)

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Frustrated and single again, standup comedian Jonathan Jordan (Will Swenson) now finds himself faced with the uncomfortable task of returning to the local singles ward. Fellow apartment dwellers Dallen (Kirby Heyborne), Elden (Daren Tufts), and Hyrum (Michael Birkeland) and several other well-meaning ward members try everything to help Jonathan from becoming-gasp!- inactive. In a twist of fate, Jonathan’s car breaks down at a ward activity where he unwittingly meets Cammie (Connie Young), the ward activities director, whom he’s been avoiding for weeks. Jonahtan’s life will never be the same. With several cameo appearances by well-known LDS personalities (Steve Young, Danny Ainge, Shawn Bradley, LaVell Edwards, and television legend Gordon Jump), The Singles Ward is a hysterical look at an (ab)normal LDS singles ward and the challenge of trying to find that eternal companion.


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