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Comedy (LDS)

Mobsters and Mormons


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When Carmine “The Beans” Pasquale (Mark DeCarlo) is nabbed by the FBI, he decides to testify against his mafia boss (Michael Kagan) and go into the Witness Relocation Program with his wife Gina (Jeanette Puhich) and son Vincent (Clayton Taylor). Now known as George, Linda and Patrick Cheeseman, the Pasquale family is sent to suburban Utah to begin their new life. But can the “Cheesemans” survive in a wolrd where everyone is Mormon, all coffee is bad and scrapbooking reigns supreme? A hilarious comedy with a knockout comedic performance by DeCarlo, MOBSTERS AND MORMONS is an “entertaining fish- out-of-water comedy” (Wade Major, BOXOFFICE Magazine)!

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